Monday, April 25, 2016

Groundbreaking News

Lots of dirt, rocks, and a big tree got rearranged on the mountain over the weekend and Monday, courtesy of David and Michael, with a technical assist from Doug. The weather cooperated, although it is snowing now. Four days of rain are due next week, which will delay concrete. Welcome to the world of construction. Excitement interspersed with waiting.

Friday, April 22, 2016

What Is Past Is Prologue

All photos by author (except this one).
Official posting.
In addition to distinguishing itself as the state with the first primary in the presidential primary election, New Hampshire is famous for having more than the traditional four seasons, squeezing in a fifth, mud season, between winter and spring. Mud season brings road postings to many sections of the state highway system (and lesser roads) restricting the weight of trucks to under 6 tons. Orange Road to Burnt Hill Road, the only way up Tug Mountain, has been posted for more than a month. So while you can wreck your car’s suspension in a cavernous pothole or get stuck in the mud and need to be winched out by a neighbor’s Kubota, heavy duty trucks are verboten as they may damage the fragile defrosting road bed. (Note, however, by state law, trucks delivering fuel or milk products or those carrying sap for maple syrup production are exempt from seasonal bans. Hey, you gotta have priorities.) As of today, the road postings have been lifted, and heavy equipment is making its way up the mountain to move our dirt.

For months we have been in anticipation mode, filling our days with preparations for this very moment. Triple-pane fiberglass windows are being fabricated in Toronto, the timber frame is being cut in Alstead, NH, and structural insulated panels are being manufactured in West Chesterfield, NH. Our concrete contractor, framer, mason, plumber, electrician, stove guy, and standing seam roofer, all local tradespeople, are waiting in the wings, our awesome team assembled.
Let the excavation begin!
Power meeting.