Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's happening!

A quiet moment up top. A section to be raised.
(All photos by author.)

Beautiful timbers.
The lull bringing in more wood.

Details of pegs, notches, braces.
This week the expert craftsmen from the Timber-Frame Workshop in Alstead, New Hampshire, haven been busy preparing for the big day—Thursday—when the crane arrives. Then, in the style of old-time barn raisers, only with a serious mechanical assist (200-foot reach and 20-ton capacity), they will move, section by section, the meticulously cut and partly preassembled Douglas fir timbers from their horizontal resting places on the first floor deck into their vertical supporting positions.
The driveway from the working deck
The home site looks quite chaotic right now but I am confident Tom, Dave, Chris, Jim, and Bill know the precise location of each piece of the huge and beautiful puzzle. They have been working on this structure, measuring, cutting, notching, planing, and chamfering the components in the workshop for the last five months. For a final finishing, each piece of wood was been hand rubbed with wondrously fragrant Land Ark oil, (linseed oil thinned with orange citrus). The excitement is building as soon it is SHOWTIME! If you are in the area, stop by the mountainside—Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
Doug, who likes to calmly say when I’m impatient: “It’ll happen,” now is shouting to the hills: “It’s happening!!!” (Take note, those of you who know Doug personally, rarely does he use even one exclamation point.)

Doug standing in the cupola. 

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