Monday, July 4, 2016

One alpaca, two alpaca, three alpaca—and more

My new alpaca friends checking me out. (All photos by Meryl Rose.) 

By Guest Blogger and Photographer Meryl Rose

Last week when I traveled with Mom and Doug to Alstead, NH, to meet timber framer Tom at the Timber Frame Workshop, little did I know it would be much more for me than a meeting about wood and timber frame construction.
After a pleasant drive down Interstate 91 in Vermont and a few back roads back in New Hampshire, we were in Alstead in a little over an hour. In order to reach the workshop where Tom and Dave and their crew are cutting the Doug Fir timbers for the house, we drove through a pasture with 20 alpacas. Mom and Doug and Tom and Dave had to work through some details about chamfering and how the building was going to get staged. I was more interested in meeting the two dogs, the alpacas, and a few ducks.

The ducks enjoy a treat.
Jaime, Tom’s wife, introduced me to her charges. When I walked into the fenced-in area, the alpacas made all sorts of high pitched noises. Jamie explained that they do this when they are alarmed, in this case by me, the newbie. After feeding a few of them and gaining their trust, I was able to take some pictures. I learned many of their names (Orlando, Jack, Remmy, Miss Hollywood, and Ella Rose, to name a few) and how they are related to each other. Many were born on the farm. An alpaca can weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds. Their diet consists of small amounts of protein to produce high-quality fleece. The fleece comes in 22 natural colors from brown and grey to black and the most obvious, pure white. In the pictures you’ll see that the alpacas recently got shorn. Jaime makes all kinds of fiber products from the wool she gets from them. You can check out Jaime’s website for Sanctuary’s Alpaca Farm. 

I had a great morning with Jaime. After all, it’s not every day you get to meet an alpaca and can take a “selfie” with one—or two or three. 

Alpacas and me...perfect together.


  1. Charming!The pattern from the shearing almost looks like they're wearing a sweater already!

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