Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time off at the Fair

While the Olympics played out in Rio this past weekend, another kind competition took place under blue skies in Cornish, New Hampshire, at the annual fair. Cows and chickens, lambs, ponies, oxen and rabbits were on display as were the woodsman skills of men and women. (How long would it take you to chop down a tree? Can you throw an axe and hit a target?)
Summer fairs are a longstanding tradition in New England, the first being held in Londonderry, New Hampshire, in 1722. Cornish continues to place its emphasis on animals, and its dairy show is said to be the largest in New Hampshire and Vermont.
With a nod to the arts, it runs an annual fair poster contest, sponsors an artist in residence (Gary Hamel), and holds an art sale in the Town House.

On your mark, get set to chop. (All photos by author.)

Cock-a-doodle, who me?

Oxen await competition.   Pulling concrete for sport.
Cornish Fair artist in residence, Gary Hamel.

Cows of many colors; got lots of milk.

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